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What is Amino Neuro Frequency - ANF Therapy?

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Are you just hearing about this therapy for the first time?


Amino Neuro Frequency Therapy is the brainchild of Dr. Mikel H.G Hoff, an internationally renowned therapist. He developed this therapy in order to address some of the seemingly insurmountable problems of the nervous system.

Amino Neuro Frequency (ANF) Therapy is a revolutionary holistic approach to pain and inflammation.

We examine the body following the nerve paths and focus on finding the root cause of the patient's problem. According to the findings and related diagnosis, we apply our unique medical device, the ANF discs,  in order to reduce pain, remove inflammation and prevent it from spreading via the nervous & lymphatic systems.

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Amino Neuro Frequency Therapy (ANF Therapy) is for you, if you have tried several treatments that did not help, or are looking for a therapy which quickly addresses the root cause of pain, without the use of drugs.

We observe on a daily basis that most ANF Therapy clients already notice significant pain reduction within 5-20 minutes.





First, we treat the injury by applying the ANF Discs in order to address inflammation(s) and thereby reduce the pain as quickly as possible. During this initial phase, most ANF Therapy patients experience some detox effects. This can be uncomfortable, but it is a positive sign. It indicates that their body is responding to the therapy and is healing.


At this stage of the treatment, the most common and serious inflammations show significant improvements and the number of discs to be applied is substantially reduced. The focus will now be on a more in-depth treatment of the concerned areas.


Once the inflammation is removed, the regeneration of muscle tissues and optimal rehabilitation can take place. It is important that the patients still listen to their body and do not over-exert themselves above the pain threshold.


The injury treatment ends and patients have no more pain and the affected area is normalized. The patient can now choose to support their immune system and reduce the risk for new injuries by applying the maintenance treatment.

How does Amino Neuro Frequency Therapy work?

ANF Discs contain a unique material discovered by NASA two decades ago.

The material is a carbonized metal with 28.4% pure metal. The discs attaches to the skin using a double sided 3M tape.

The therapy functions through nervous system signalization and control of frequencies. As you may know, the human body contains between 5-15 million different chemical and electrical signals in the nerve pathways. These are activated by the bodies’ infrared heat.


A breach in frequencies weakens the body’s immune system, thus refocusing the priorities of the nervous system and the body’s defense system and resources. Through nervous system signalization, ANF Therapy helps the brain correct the errors by returning the “correction signals” to both the brain and other body parts. The therapy consequently controls the frequencies and makes the body function properly.

It uses a combination of frequency emitting wearable devices, the ANF Discs. Each disc is applied directly on the skin and activated by the body heat. They transmit a unique range of neuro frequencies through the neurons in the body. The nervous system picks up these frequencies, starting a self-healing and self-regulating process. By improving the nervous system signaling directly at the cellular level, the effect of the treatment is much faster and has remarkable durable results. The ANF Therapy does not require the use of any drugs or chemicals. The results are not only faster, they are without side effects. 

With Amino Neuro Frequency Therapy, Dr. Hoff hopes to help therapists increase their clients’ life quality within the first week of consultation.

Why use Amino Neuro Frequency?

The benefits of ANF Therapy are numerous. Reasons why you should use this therapy:​

  • Therapists/MDs and clients notice improvements instantly

  • Removes invisible inflammation, toxins, and free radicals

  • Reduces pain by least 50% within 15 minutes

  • Increases performance, endurance, and muscle movement

  • Repairs broken frequencies (the only known treatment for such)

  • Increases the body’s self-healing ability

  • Strengthens the organ and gland functions

  • Free of chemical and organic substances and use for 72-hours treatment in each disc

  • It is a Medical Class 1 product, CE and FDA registered

  • It is non-organic, non-chemical, and anti-bacterial

  • It can be used on babies and elderly and everyone between

  • For athletes, using ANF Therapy helps reduce injuries, pain, pulse, lactic acid accumulation, stomach problems, stress, and cramps.


Apart from these benefits, users of Amino Neuro Frequency Therapy can enjoy efficient muscle building, 80% faster immune system regeneration, quality sleep, and improved red blood cells production.

What happens after 72 hrs? Is ANF therapy a short term relief?

After the first 72 hours, the patient returns to Physical Therapy Studio to get more care.Usually clients are seen 2x week for the first week or two, then 1x week once protocol is established with a home change of discs( by the patient) between treatment sessions. ANF usually requires a course of care if you have had pain and inflammation for a while. After the initial week or two, they can see their therapist only every 7-14 days.When the inflammation is removed and body restored, the discs are no longer needed and rehabilitation can begin.

How much does the Therapy Cost?

  • First Consultation:

    • 1 hour: $300

    • The duration of your consultation may vary, as we need to monitor the body’s response after applying the discs and you may need to rest a few minutes. Discs applied in the clinic are included.

  • Follow-up Consultations:

    • 45-60 minutes: $225-$300

    • To ensure that the placement of the discs is still optimal or has to change location or frequency disc combination.Discs applied in the clinic are included.​

  • Discs:

    • $6 a piece, when need to change discs at home. 

If you have only an isolated pain or acute inflammation, you will not use many discs per treatment. The greater the inflammation or issues, the higher the number of discs needed.

Are inflammations visible?

Acute inflammation is visible and looks like swelling of tissues. Chronic inflammation may not be visible and can take years, up to 10 years for the pain to be felt.

Invisible inflammation often can not be seen, and does not show up on Xrays or MRIs.

It is seldom possible to see this type of inflammation. You may have inflammation if for example, you have stiffness in a part of the body or the whole body in the morning or if you experience the same acute pain every few months or years. Then, It is most probably an “invisible” inflammation.


You will have no doubt when your therapist examines your body. The examination can be painful. But you will also have no doubt on the effects of the ANF Therapy, once the discs are applied. Most people experience a significant pain reduction within few minutes.

What can I expect from the ANF treatment?

If you are receptive to the therapy (about 95% of our clients), your body will respond within 5 to 20 minutes from applying the treatment. You may also experience some detox symptoms.


As your problem is being addressed, you will experience less discomfort, less pain and greater well-being.


The therapy can also be used to boost your performance level.


If you are taking any medication, the therapy’s effectiveness may be slowed down.

I am currently using ANF. My wife is in the early stages of Pregnancy, Is it safe for me to be near her, sleep next to her etc while I have the discs on?

She is perfectly safe. ANF can be used before, during and after pregnancies. There is no problems at all in that. There is no risk at all for the baby or the mother, but we do not recommend higher than P200. And pain free mother is a better as less stress.

Where could I buy the ANF discs?

You may buy the discs you need to apply at home (according to the protocol your therapist gave you) from Physical Therapy Studio. The cost is $6 per disc. 


Only certified or ANF Trained Therapists have access to the discs (which are a wearable medical device)

Are the ANF discs re-usable?

No. The discs work for around 72 hours & cannot be reused.

I'm curious to know if there is anyway(possibly a device) to show how much frequency is in a disc?

For most patients the discs last around 72 hours. For some little longer for some little shorter. It doesn’t matter with the amount of frequency in the discs it depends on how much the body consume. The more problems the more the body will consume.

No device as we know of can measure that as it would have to be dual device measuring the body as well.

Most people feel when the frequency is no longer available as symptoms returns back until the body has learned to copy the frequency and no longer need the ANF discs to help.

We cannot predict how long it takes the individuals body to learn how to copy the missing frequencies but we do know that inflammation is limiting the body’s ability learn to copy them. That is why we have the patients come back after 3-7 days for reassessment to be able to palpate and determine how much pain/inflammation is left. 

Why do I need to drink water?

It is critical that your body is well hydrated.

Screen Shot 2020-05-14 at 9.26.37 PM.png

Drink at least 1-2 glasses of water per hour until 1 hour before going to bed. Drink one extra glass of water each time you have a cup of coffee, beer or wine etc. Your urine should be colourless / very pale yellow. In our experience, the more water you drink, the fewer detox symptoms you have.

Our bodies do 2 main things:

1. It makes energy and

2. It detoxifies.

Screen Shot 2020-05-09 at 10.12.04

The Healthy cell is doing both, the unhealthy cell is having a hard time doing both.

Lets think about a plump green grape vs a raisin.

So what does this mean to you and I? If you are having a problem doing this you are building an unhealthy body.


Cellular health requires well hydrated cells, nutrients in and toxins out. 

General Information on the Discs

Wearable Pain treatment for any age.


There are currently over 180 different discs, each with their own unique function/frequency.

By combining the different discs, we can normalize and optimize the body functions (nerves, muscles, organs, lymphatic system and hormonal production).


Activated by the heat of your body, the discs release the electrical frequencies stored in the carbonized metal they are made of. These frequencies are already used by the body itself to function; the discs only amplify them.


By doing so, the body’s functions start to work normally again or are strengthened/normalized.


There is no evidence that discs may compromise the effectiveness of any prescribed medication. Do not stop using any medicines without consulting your own doctor.

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