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We have compiled the following list of frequently asked questions based on years of successfully treating hundreds of people with injuries in the LA area.

  • What should I wear to my appointment?
    Come dressed appropriately to expose the problem area. Typically loose fitting, stretchy clothes work best. Since PT requires movement, we suggest workout clothes so that the physical therapist can work with you comfortably.
  • What can I expect in my Personal Therapy Journey?
    You can expect to find out what’s wrong, how it can be can be addressed, treatment options and how long treatment should take. You will work one-on-one with Caren to come up with a treatment plan. She will ensure the correct PT treatment techniques are completed in the proper order and timeframe to rectify identified deficits interfering with your goals. Caren will provide self-management tools(or resource on how to get it) and techniques, as well as recommendations for continued community-based exercise. Print out of each treatment upon request Printout of superbill (diagnosis, codes, and billing) to submit to your insurance if you choose Easy communication with Caren between sessions Private studio- no waiting room! The time of your appointment is your Therapy Time Informed about how to get to your goals, expected time frame and the number of visits expected.
  • What Resources are provided?
    I don’t usually have patients doing things in the clinic that they could be doing on their own at home, or in their gym. I value your time and anticipate you can do your exercises correctly once demonstrated. Many times the items you will be using at home are rollers or bands to stretch and roll out specific body parts. Each patient has a different treatment, so the tools needed will be provided based on each patient’s needs. Resources are specific to what each person's needs- so it could be a breathing online tool, or a resource that can be bought like a prostretch, a foam roller, a serola belt or an R8 roller. If we are using ANF, the discs for home changes are $6/per disc. Each disc has a specific frequency for healing and will be provided according to your needs. Please see resource page.
  • What tools will I receive during treatment?
    Tools to help you meet your goals: Education regarding your body/condition. Homework in the form of exercises for strengthening and positions for active relaxation, stretching, self-care techniques. Many times the items you will be using at home are rollers or bands to stretch and roll out specific body parts. Each patient has a different treatment, so the tools needed will be provided based on each patient’s needs.
  • What if I'm not seeing the results I expect?
    I will modify your plan if we do not see the results we expect. Physical Therapy Home Exercise Program are unique to each patient and given for home. We ask that you take this “homework” seriously, as it is a critical component to your recovery. We will provide all of the necessary resources to do the homework. These tools will be given to you on a trial basis with the expectation it will be returned. If you decide you want to purchase any supplies, you can do that online or from a vendor.
  • What is the best way to communicate with my therapist between treatments?
    My clients are free to communicate with me between appointments by phone, text or wix chat.They don't have to wait to their next treatment toget resolution of their questions or concerns. ​ Clients often communicate past "the course of current treatment" questions, concerns, specific strengthening or safety checks about prior or other conditions as well as jokes or stories. I am committed to my clients and dedicated to restoring and/or maintaining their health.
  • What makes a good referral to Physical Therapy Studio?
    We are looking for people who are wanting to get back to the things thay enjoy. and are motivated to recover fully! People looking to avoid surgery, injections and ongoing pain meds. People who understand great care is best provided one-on-one by your Physical therapist People who are looking for an environment where high quality care is truly the top priority.
  • What are your Therapist Qualifications?
    Caren Lieberman PT License #14854 SKILLS: Manual Therapy Skills ANF Pain Therapist Certified ANF Holistic Practitioner STM( Soft Tissue Mobilization)Practitioner TrP (Trigger Point release) Practitioner Kinesiology Spidertech Practitioner Musculoskeletal Neurological Re-education Patient Educator ATM2(Active Therapeutic Movement) Practitioner MPS Therapist CREDENTIALS: Bachelors Degree (Honors Physiotherapy) Physical Therapy License #14854 APTA membership #140452(Orthopedic and Private Practice Sections) Certified ANF Holistic Practioner ANF Pain therapist Astym certified NAT certified Maitland Trained Mat Pilates certified Certified Postural Ergonomist
  • What is your Experience?
    Staff Physiotherapist Coronation Hospital Private Practice Outpatient Therapy Supervisor Valley Presbyterian Hospital Director of Physical Therapy, Occupational Therapy and Speech Therapy Services. North Hollywood Hospital, Encino and Tarzana Hospitals Outpatient Physical Therapist Private Practice Owner/ Physical Therapist Physical Therapy Studio
  • How do I Pay?
    Patients pay in full at the time of service and are provided a receipt with the necessary codes/info to send in self-claims to insurance if they so choose. ($300/hour-session or $150/30 minite session). We accept all major credit cards, cash, check, or PayPal. You can also pay directly on the site at time of booking your appointment or package of appointments.
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