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What Other People Just Like You Are Saying About Physical Therapy Studio…

Bob L.

Caren guided me through some exercises after I shared I was suffering from chronic back pain and diminished flexibility.  I immediately began experiencing  relief as I followed her advice. As an avid road cyclist doing centuries (100 mile rides) for almost 30 years I had to choose, either quit cycling, or seek a miracle.  My miracle was a physical therapist like no other, Caren.  
The second time I visited with Caren was just last week explaining I was having some knee pain.  Caren placed her hand on a trigger point for about 30 seconds, and voila.  I want to share if your seeking sustained movement and flexibility, then look no further than Caren.

David K

Caren is by far the best PT professional that I have ever worked with. She is knowledgeable, caring, and is a consummate professional in her field. She has helped me immeasurably with my back issues, and was able to get me back on my feet and into a regimen of excercises that have been very effective in helping me avoid reinjury, despite a very rigorous exercise routine.

Rachel L

I have had neck/back problems since I was a child. I’ve been diagnosed with scoliosis, pinched nerves, and/or muscle spasms. Coming to Physical Therapy Studio is treating me at the core of my pain issueS by incorporating healthy habits and exercise!  Been going to chiropractors for years.


My biggest issue is that I get a pinched nerve from time to time. I woke up one morning and couldn’t move my neck because the pain was shooting up my back into my neck! Before coming to PTS, I had to go to a chiropractor regularly For treatment and then for preventative measures


What were you missing out on before coming to see us?

An understanding of my pain and it’s origins


What else did you try that didn't work?

Pillows, pain relievers, hot pads


Since you came to see us, what impact have we had on the quality of your life?

I feel more in control of my pain knowing how well and fast the ANF treatment works


Of all the things you enjoyed about coming to see us, what was the one thing you liked best?

The friendly and welcoming personality of Caren and all the animals that support!


What would you say to anyone currently skeptical about Physical Therapy?

It literally couldn’t hurt (anymore than you already do) to try it!

Jared L

I was recommended to the Physical Therapy Studio by my brother after he visited Caren for an injury. My visit with Caren was thorough, professional and incredibly helpful. I came in to her with a pulled groin. She assessed my body and determined that there were several other issues that were contributing to my pain. So we immediately began running through the best practices for not re-injuring myself. I am now wearing a strap around my stomach to avoid further injury. She then placed ANF discs on the area where I was feeling pain and I felt an immediate lessening if the pain.


All and all Caren & the Physical Therapy Studio was very helpful to reduce my pain! I'll definitely recommend family and friends here!

Sylvia A

It really does matter when you have a Physical Therapist who treats you as a whole person vs just your condition. Caren takes her time to listen & evaluate you, she helps you get back to doing the things you enjoy & in making changes for the best in you so that you can thrive in life.Caren treated me for my compound fracture ankle and made me feel comfortable even when I was uncomfortable, she helped me walk normal again.Caren teaches your & explains it so you can continue with your care at home.

Keith C

Caren is a very knowledgeable and skilled Physical Therapist. She gets to know you, your lifestyle, previous and current health challenges, and thoroughly discusses your situation putting you at ease. She is very methodical in her evaluation and explains her process every step of the way. Her studio is state of the art, quiet and calming. Caren was able to quickly recognize the cause and areas needing attention and had me doing a series of stretches and exercises that proved to be very helpful.

Sandy S

The consistent stellar reviews that you read here are completely in synch with my experience.
I have been to many physical therapists over the years and have NEVER encountered a therapist quite like Caren. She works with you are evaluated and treated as an individual...she listens...she processes...she treats. She heals.

There is no 'factory mentality' that you find at PT centers....where you are treated in a way that "fits the bill" for insurance companies ....with a minimum of time spent doing treatment.

I've seen Caren with two completely different for frozen shoulder...and one for vertigo.
I had a frozen shoulder over a year ago and spent 6 months in traditional PT with little improvement.  When I developed a frozen shoulder on my other side...I sought out Caren...and I kid you not... after four sessions....she worked her magic..and I left pain free!!

Recently, after suffering from debilitating vertigo and seeing various doctors... Caren did ONE treatment on me...

and I left feeling re-born. No vertigo. Incredible. 

Her evaluation, treatment, follow-up.... her care, her concern....are over and beyond anything you can possibly imagine. She is a singular force. I'm a total believer.

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