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What most people think of when they hear the term “Physical Therapy” is very far from what you experience at Physical Therapy Studio. 


You do not enter a  busy practice in a shopping center and wait for your someone to ask your name, so your name can be called after waiting for 15 minutes past your booked appointment time.  you do not see multiple people who need to look up your name to find your chart. It is not a gym-type setting with a lot of exercise machines and modalities like e-stim and ultrasound units.


We know your name! We plan and prepare for your visit with us. Your booked time is your appointment time.


You are welcomed into  a peaceful, inviting space with a few key components: The treatment table, our diagnostic skills, our hands and newer technologies that work faster

We look at you and evaluate in a holistic way, based on science. Every part of the body is connected with all other areas, and you may be surprised by the implications of this when looking for the true underlying cause of your pain.

The cause of a person’s pain can be in the same part of the body it is experienced, but quite often the root cause is  elsewhere in the body. 

For example, it is not uncommon to find the true source of a patient’s back pain in a hamstring or adductor muscle. Maybe there was a previous trauma, or just a muscle imbalance,or an injury or surgery that left the area  with unresolved healing, weak or less mobile, and the change in movement resulted in injury-causing compensations elsewhere.

As all the contributing factors are discovered, good old "hands-on care" or Manual Therapy, Amino Neuro Frequency and other "cutting edge" techniques are used to resolve the dysfunctions found. The majority of these techniques focus on the reducing inflammation. When inflammation comes down, pain comes down. Pain and inflammation often "dance together". 

Manual therapy  of  joints, nerves, lymph system and even the abdominal viscera (organs) may also be used to restore normal pain-free movement and function.

Though it may take some time to collect all relevant information, we feel that you should receive as much treatment as possible on the first visit. For this reason, treatment is generally mixed in with the evaluation so that you experience the effects of hands-on treatment in your first session.

We often don't start exercising, stretching or doing early strength work at the first couple of treatments. WE don't exercise professional athletes until their inflammation is down, so why would we exercise weekend warriors, regular people in pain before the inflammation is down? We don't! We focus on reducing inflammation! 

Reducing inflammation reduces pain. It is really important to fix the root cause. This takes a course of treatment beyond reducing the pain. Why?  If people drop off when the pain is down (2-3 visits in) and don't get to the "guts " of the plan which is to resolve the root cause, the pain will return. Why? Inflammation is the source of the pain but not always the root cause. the root cause or factors contributing to the issue must be fixed whether poor biomechanics, other body systems,or muscle imbalances that lead to dysfunctional  and compensations, or posture issues eg.Tech or text neck.

Though movement and exercise are vital in all our patients’ plans of care, we do not agree with having patients pay to perform exercises in the clinic when they can be done as part of a home exercise program. Therefore, when exercises or stretches are needed, we give thorough instruction on how to perform them so you can do them on your own time. Our home programs often also include self-treatment techniques so you can continue mobilizing your tissues and joints between appointments.

At Physical Therapy Studio, time is spent only on the components of treatment and rehabilitation that you could not reproduce on your own.

Our goal with every patient is to quickly identify the root cause of your symptoms, and then apply highly effective Therapy techniques to resolve your pain and get you back to doing the activities you want as soon as possible… without pain and limitations.

With the hands-on techniques we use, and the fact that each treatment is up to an hour of one-on-one care, the time it takes to resolve pain and injury is usually far less than at other clinics.

If our approach to treatment sounds like a good fit for you, select the option below that works best for you.

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