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Physical Therapy Studio is a fee-for-service clinic so payment is due in full at each session. . Most of our patients do have health insurance but choose to forgo it in order to receive full-hour PT sessions, one-on-one with an expert physical therapist who specializes in hands-on manual therapy. Many of our patients seek reimbursement by sending in self-claims.

Click here to find out how recent changes in most insurance plans have made our services no more expensive than an in-network PT clinic.

Finally, Physical Therapy Studio is not a Medicare Provider, so the law prevents us from providing Medicare patients with what would be considered “normally covered services.” If you are a Medicare beneficiary and would like to request treatment at our clinic, please call us at 818 535-8661. Click here for additional details (near bottom of page) on how to make this request so that we can legally accept you as a patient.

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