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Caren Lieberman

Physical Therapy Studio

Direct Primary Care Physical Therapy 


Caren is a Primary Care Physical Therapist - a leading musculoskeletal expert, and the person people who are in pain come see first. 

California has Direct Access Law for Physical Therapists. This means that you DO NOT need a physician’s script to see a Licensed Physical Therapist in California. In most cases you do not need authorization from your insurance company either! Therefore, there is nothing that will delay or postpone your path to becoming pain free. 

The treatment model we use is one-to-one Physical Therapist to patient for up to an hour using education, my hands, Manual therapy and ANF as well as exercise, correct muscle activation in the right order, and giving people the tools and skills to help them recover faster. We have set out to create an environment where we can provide Physical Therapy in the most natural purest way, and backed by science to get the best results. This model of treatment allows us to get there sooner. We use research based cutting edge technology.

Your booked time is your appointment time. Your care is our priority. 


  • Bachelors Degree (Honors Physiotherapy)

  • Physical Therapy License #14854

  • APTA membership #140452(Orthopedic and Private Practice Sections)

  • Certified ANF Holistic Practitioner

  • ANF Pain therapist

  • Astym certified

  • NAT certified

  • Maitland Trained

  • Mat Pilates certified

  • Certified Postural Ergonomist


  • Manual Therapy Skills

  • ANF Pain Therapist

  • Certified ANF Holistic Practitioner

  • STM( Soft Tissue Mobilization)Practitioner

  • TrP (Trigger Point release) Practitioner

  • Kinesiology Spidertech Practitioner

  • Musculoskeletal Neurological Re-education Patient Educator

  • ATM2(Active Therapeutic Movement) Practitioner

  • MPS Therapist


  • Valley Presbyterian as the Outpatient Therapy Supervisor

  • North Hollywood Hospital, Encino and Tarzana Hospitals as the Director of Physical Therapy, Occupational Therapy and Speech Therapy Services.

  • Outpatient Physical Therapist

  • Private Practice Owner/ Physical Therapist

I get people back to what they want to do 

In my clinic, it will not only be about providing great clinical skills, but also about teaching self techniques, simple exercises and/ or positions of relaxation, sleeping postures and the creation of an incredible recovery experience for every client.​

My clients are free to communicate with me between appointments. They don't have to wait to get resolution of their questions or concerns.  I am committed to my clients and dedicated to restoring and/or maintaining their health.​

I have often been told that I have “healing hands.”We are looking for clients who value great manual skills, want faster results and are looking for an environment where high quality care is truly the top priority . 


In 2015, the outpatient center where I worked with an incredible team of therapists (Physical therapists, occupational therapists, and speech therapists) closed down. I opened Physical Therapy Studio in 2015, a place for Physical Therapy where we treat the whole person not only the condition. 

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