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Hot packs and ultrasound were the best modalities we had 30 years ago!

Updated: May 16, 2020

Hot packs and ultrasound were the best modalities we had 30 years ago. They feel good for a few hours!  

Here at Physical Therapy Studio we do not believe that these modalities are nearly as effective as our "hands-on treatment", and newer technologies:

Manual therapy

Neuro Re-ed

The newer technologies in combination with good basic manual therapy reduce pain by 50% in the first visit and have longer lasting effects, ...... and continue to heal your body well beyond the time in the clinic.

We also do not agree with having patients pay to perform exercises in the clinic that they can easily perform at home or at a gym.

We do agree that our clients need to know:

- what exercises are safe to be done at home to stay active;

- and also what specific exercises and how, ie. technique, form and dosage ( how many reps, how often );

- Specifically what exercises needs to be done to rebalance identified muscle imbalances, restore normal biomechanics

- progression to prepare to return to sport, or better sleep, or just doing what you want to do, without living in dread of pain returning.

We do believe that vulnerable tissues need to be protected while we strengthen around them. 

We do believe the root cause needs to addressed and imbalances corrected.

We do believe the body is innately intelligent and will heal

 If it has the resources, it will heal!

We provide:

-the right hands on care to calm stressed tissues,  

- resources to reduce inflammation , to  repair and renew and

-the components or basic building blocks in the right time frames to give the body the best opportunity to heal,  and return to optimal health

To recap:

*Exercise, strengthening, stretches and self management are necessary to complement what gets done in the clinic to  to progress your healing journey, for repair and renewal of tissues as well as return  to optimal health.

* Must be correct dosage(what, when, how , how much, how often and when to progress, or step up and when to stop a particular exercise that is no longer necessary)

* Must address inflammation first- when inflammation comes down , pain follows!

* Nervous system controls everything. If nerves are inflamed,muscles will tighten,tense or spasm to protect further movement or further damage to nerve, or harm to body.

Again, address inflammation first- when inflammation comes down , pain follows!

* Muscle spasm is not the problem! It is the protection.

* Pain is not the problem! It is the message.

* Pain inhibits strength,. Strength may not be the problem!

*  When pain is down, and brain feels safe! - safe to exercise!

* Pain is not the source! Inflammation is

* Inflamation is not the root cause!  Lets find out what is!

* Most bodies take 6-8 weeks to heal. If a person comes in with a tweaked ankle the day it happened , the healing time is shorter, often a lot shorter!( 1-2 weeks)

. If you have had chronic or long standing pain for years the healing will take longer, and may need to add a couple extra weeks for each year you have had the pain.

 Sometimes the body needs to detox before it can heal, much like a battery that needs to recharge before it can produce energy! On a cellular level we detox and we produce energy.

* We see most of our clients intially 2x week for the first and perhaps second week and then 1x week for the course of treatment.

Our model of care saves you time, gets "faster and more lasting" results.

We are not for everybody- but we are for highly motivated people who value their time and health . Recently i had a client tell me "If I knew what you knew, I would have come here from the beginning".

All of our patients receive one-on-one care and hands-on treatment from a Holistic  Physical Therapist in every session. Most sessions are a full hour unless the client chooses 30 minute sessions or only needs 30 minutes. With this long-session, one-on-one treatment approach, the plan of care for the vast majority of our patients only involves one appointment per week.

When you consider the time savings of fewer trips to the clinic and the value of resolving your pain so much faster than average, the out-of-pocket expense at Physical Therapy Studio  is a huge cost saver.

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