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Imagine Dragons! Cellular Inflammation- The Fires Within

Updated: May 16, 2020

Cellular Inflammation- The Fires Within

This is a great article by Dan Cray

As a Physical Therapist, I have been chasing the holy grail of resolving inflammation for 30+ years. Every client that comes in with pain, has inflammation. It is not always visible acute inflammation with redness.

Most often it is invisible inflammation- It does not show on X-rays or MRIs. The person does not know they have it until they are palpated- touched and structures assessed with "hands on care". When they are palpated structures like joints, lymph nodes, nerves are surprisingly painful.

Pain on palpation is not normal. It is an indication of inflammation. Pain is a message! Inflammation indicates there is a problem.

It can take 10 years before the inflammation registers as pain.

When the inflammation has been there for a long time it is a systemic problem. The body can't heal until this is addressed.

Today this inflammation can be helped using Amino Neuro Frequency

It is best to seek help from a certified ANF practitioner.

Here at Physical Therapy Studio this is what we do:

Imagine the fires in your body burning

We find the source

We turn the inflammation down

When the fires are out the body can heal itself !

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