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Pain, Inflammation, Back muscle spasms, weakness, Chicken or the egg? Whats the problem?

Updated: May 1, 2022

Its a bit like the chicken and the egg, what came first? Does it matter and what does it mean?

What IF:

* Muscle spasm is not the problem! It is the protection.

Muscles tighten up, or spasm to prevent further or any movement to avoid damge to underlying tissues. The nerves or any of local tissues are inflammed. This happens because either there was a muscle strain or other underlying anatomical problems are present in the spine, muscle spasms are likely to keep recurring due to ongoing inflammation or instability. They can be a deep ache or as the inflammation increases the pain can be sharp and shooting, especially with certain movements.

What IF:

* Pain is not the problem! It is the message.

Pain is a message. It is the body's way of saying "Houston, We have a problem"

It is often the reason people seek help.

It is the communication “that there is a problem”.

What IF:

* Pain inhibits strength,. Strength may not be the problem!

Patients with chronic low back pain who report a higher level of current pain tend to show increased inhibition of muscle activity, leading to submaximal performance. On manual muscle testing in the clinic strength can increase by 1-2 grades when pain is reduced significantly ie by 50% or more

What IF:

* Pain is not the source! Inflammation is

To heal and fix the issue, the following needs to happen:

* Must address inflammation first- when inflammation comes down , pain follows!

* Nervous system controls everything. If nerves are inflamed,muscles will tighten,tense or spasm to protect further movement or further damage to nerve, or harm to body.

Again, address inflammation first- when inflammation comes down , pain follows!

inflammation needs to be treated.

What IF:

* Inflamation is not the root cause!

 Lets find out what is!

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