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ANF Part 2 How does it work?

Part 2 of “What is ANF?”

When I was first told “Every living thing has a frequency” I was like “….ok, ….what does that mean”. Well here is my physio mind trying to simplify quantum mechanics, so here goes in a step by step presentation… 1. Living cells emit energy. It’s what makes us ‘alive’. 2. Energy is emitted as photons. 3. Each photon caries energy proportional to its radiation frequency that is specific to its type. 4. The frequency can be determined using a Superconducting Quantum interference Device (SQUID) by using the equation E=hf, where E is the Energy of the photon and h is Planck’s constant. 5. A hydrogen proton has been found to have a resonant frequency of 42.6 MHz, a hydrogen molecule is different again due to its 2 shared electrons, water us different again as is fats etc ( 6. Bone has been determined to have 14-19 resonant frequencies (Harkanss, 1994). 7. The resonance frequency of neurons is determined by the active and passive interactions of the neuron. It can be determined by recording its firing patterns at both high and low frequency applications and observing its “notch filter” (or sweet spot) (Hutcheon and Yarom, 2000) See diagrams in pics. Once we know the resonant frequency of the target neuron it can be influenced by an exogenous EMF. But that will be described in Part 3. Why are we going into this in this depth? Because people quite rightly want to know if it’s possible, so I’ve dedicated a bit of time to finding out if it is. Guess what? The science is there, it’s just not molecular biology like what we’re used to.

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