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ANF part 4 Can a "sticker" Hold a frequency?

Part 4 of the What is ANF series continues… Can a ‘sticker’ really hold a frequency? The ANF ‘DISC’ is composed of a 28.4% carbon metal alloy. The manufacturer states that the frequency is embedded into it using an ‘Accelerator Frequency Generator’ (AFG) using “coax cables attached to a large vacuum control box. This eliminates the interior atmosphere in the box down to 0.05 PSI during disc programming. This allows the AFG to send specific frequencies into the box without the normal atmosphere around then causing interference.” The use of the super heat treated activated carbon metal alloys has been described by Iqbal et al. (2019) as having “excellent conductivity and high surface area … and an efficient energy storage material when used as a ‘super capacitor’. Technology has come a long way very fast. With the use of nanoscale technology ANF presents a device that can store and emit a pre-programmed frequency once activated for a continuous 72hours. This separates it from other modalities that require an electrical source that create patient inconvenience as they are not ‘wearable’ like ANF. This may allow ANF to be used as a successful compliment to traditional treatment and exercise programs and return to loading for patients.

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