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ANF part 5 Clinical Effectiveness- Where's the Research

Part 5 of the “What is ANF?” Series is “Where’s the research?” There is always a delay between what is observed in the clinic as “Clinical effectiveness” and what has been demonstrated in the research as being “Evidence based”. ANF is currently in that phase. There is no doubt that good quality research needs to be produced to gain wider acceptance and I am aware of 3 such studies underway. In the interim we are left with extrapolating findings from non-thermal EMF investigations as well as using our own judgement of the literally thousands of anecdotal reports on its successes. Yes, when the research comes it has the capacity to revolutionize our medical thinking. Let’s hope it comes soon. I direct you to the @aminopainacademy page to watch this space. ANF is a non-thermal EMF device (NTEMF) that is non-ionizing, meaning it has the capacity to add energy to a cell seen by increasing its rate of oscillation without changing its molecular structure. (as cited from ARPANSA Website) NTEMF can produce local cellular effects such as changes in reactive oxygen species (Belpomme et al. 2018). Marynchenko et al (2019) outlines the research methods used to detect biological changes from NTEMF for both positive and negative therapeutic effects. This demonstrates the importance of this emerging field of therapeutic study. Therapeutically, Volckmann (2012) demonstrated a 67% improvement in pain reduction compared to a 21% improvement with a placebo for knee OA for a similar device to ANF. Greenberg (2010) was able to demonstrate a 22-46% increase in organ Carnosine and 29-57% increase in organ Glutathione levels (a key antioxidant for the body that combats reactive oxygen species) in a NTEMF device. Similar significant effects have been demonstrated on the autonomic nervous system via HRV measures (Nazeran, 2015). There has been an exponential growth in studies involving NTEMF that demonstrate this as an emerging area in therapeutic medicine. As more case studies and publications are produced the mechanisms will become more widely understood. Until then feel free to ask any questions or contact me via PM if you would like to observe it in action.

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