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ANF Part 6 Thorough Assessment

Part 6 of “What is ANF?” Series is ‘What if there were no discs?’ I recently asked the attendees of my last course “do you think this course would be worth it if you were told that there were no discs? Let’s say they had run out or a patient refused to wear them. Do you think what you have learned is beneficial even without the discs?” The answer was a resounding “Absolutely!” What ANF teaches is an emphasis on a thorough assessment. We now ask questions deeper than what we previously considered. It teaches the interactions between all of the body systems. Emphasizing the need to reduce stress and it’s effect on inflammation (Edwards 2008) but more importantly the emotions associated with both past and present injury. It stresses the importance of the #lymphatic system and how without addressing it healing cannot occur successfully (Pikor 2017). It emphasizes that reducing inflammation is not a passive process, it doesn’t just happen, it needs to be actively resolved (Serhan 2007). As therapists we have addressed this through movement, exercise, meditation and lifestyle change but tapping into the “why and how” only makes clinical decision making more efficient. Franceschi et al. (2014) state that inflammation is the driving factor in many diseases, including atherosclerosis, cancer, autoimmunity and chronic infections, and a major contributor to age related conditions. The ANF approach is to reduce inflammation and improve the overall function of each body system. Understanding that each system is entwined and each system has a level of importance attributed to it that has evolved from our basic survival needs In this 6 part series we have described the growth in research into non thermal EMF modalities such as ANF and its benefits as a ‘wearable’ device to be discreet, convenient and apply a 72 hour dose. The mechanisms of how the body produces its frequency (Part 2), how the discs can exert an effect at cellular level (Part 3) and how the discs store their frequency (Part 4) have been detailed. Part 5 summarized the research into non thermal EMF modalities like ANF. ANF holds great promise as BOTH a therapeutic approach and device for the future. Share on FacebookTweetFollow us

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