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Delayed Muscle Soreness(DOMS)

Updated: May 7, 2020

What is it? Who gets it and WHY?

The intense muscle soreness or extreme storm of pain the day after working out, as in a new activity or exercise, or an intense strenous workout harder than your body is ready for.

The onset of aching soreness in muscles is felt 24-72 hours post workout and lasts for up to a week. It was thought to be from lactic acid- this is much more than lactic acid build up. It is an inflammatory response to exercise induced muscle tissue damage. The exact cause is not known but the physiology of DOMS shows:

– Micro tears in the muscle tissue – Pressure changes that cause fluid retention in the surrounding tissues – Metabolites accumulating in the muscle cell producing cell damage – Acute inflammation response

DOMS is not a desirable effect of training!

It usually occurs due to an unaccustomed new activity eg . January New Year resolutions to exercise

- when start hard eg .doing a full class, when should start with 25-50% of class and build up slowly as muscles and joints become accustomed to the new training.

It can also occur after a training more intense than your usual level such as post competitive event or working out with your buddies more intensely than you would on your own.

Easing the DOMs

1. Hydration and electrolyte replacement- Need good water intake( 3 liters per day) to facilitate optimal cell function, to clear metabolities and keep lymph clear

2. Sleep- deep restful sleep 7-8 hours. Your body heals during sleep.

3. Nutritious food- including fruits, vegetables and antioxidant and mineral rich foods

4, Restoration of resources- boost immunity with ANF Resources including glutathione and carnosine to clear as many free radicals as possible, and to renew and repair the muscle tissue

5. Professional ANF Physical Therapy to decrease pain and inflammation and get you through this faster(clearance of as many free radicals as possible as well as renewal and repair of muscle tissues)

5. Ice baths- This has helped track and field athletes recover faster with less injuries

6. Recovery- gentle repeat of activity lightly at 20% effort, weights or intensity for limited time- This is how professional cyclists ride day after day in "Tour De France"- a post event day cool down on a trainer for 30 minutes.

7. Stretching can also help. This lengthens muscle fibers and increase the blood flow to the muscles. This increase in blood flow helps to bring vital nutrients and oxygen to the muscles to aid recovery but also flushes out the waste products.

8. Foam roller use or R 8 roller

9. Sports massage can help alleviate DOMS by up to 30% and reduce swelling, but it had no effects on muscle function.

10. Warm baths or a Jaccuzzi can help to relax the muscles affected and ease the soreness. 11. Pure magnesium oil sprayed on the skin, or adding magnesium flakes to a bathtub will also help to soothe sore muscles and replace minerals. Stay in the bath for twenty minutes to allow the best magnesium absoption through your skin.


Planned and graded build up of activity for event

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