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"Do you take my insurance?"

Updated: May 16, 2020

This is a common question asked .

"So the good news is, I don’t.

This is one of the biggest reasons why my clients consistently return to doing what they love 2-3 times faster than the industry average.

So Why do people ask " Do you accept my Insurance?"

Often, people ask this for 2 reasons:

1. They think all Physical Therapy is the same, and

2. They want their insurance to pay for all their care.

This deserves a larger discussion.

Physical Therapy is provided in many different models or ways.

Lets talk "Pizza"- deep dish or thin crust? NY style or Italian? Extra cheese or extra sauce?

You have your favorite Pizza- it's the same thing, but better. That's me- I deliver Physical therapy in a completely different way to what most people have experienced before. I built my whole model around what YOU want to get back to.

The value of my service is in doing what YOU need specifically, and doing the right thing in the correct time frames. What I mean by that, the guts of the plan is very specific, so for example, if there is inflammation we calm that down, before we add exercise. What I might tell my client "We will protect the injured area while we strengthen around it. We don't overload the inflammed area. So for the first 2 weeks we are going to calm things down, for the next 2 weeks we are going to add strengthening and stretching. We do this to resolve the muscle imbalance or root cause that contributed to the tissue getting overloaded, inflammed and painful. At about 4 weeks, we prep your body for return to the things you want to do . We do this so this issue is not going to return in a month, 3 months or 6 months.

Physical Therapy Studio is an Out of network(OON) provider. What that means is you pay for your Therapy at the time of care. If you have OON benefits, you may submit your Superbill with CPT and ICD codes and paid invoice, to your insurance, they will reimburse you directly the amount they cover, if you have met your deductible. If you have not met your deductible they will apply what they cover toward your applied deductible.

If you had Physical Therapy at a provider that bills your insurance and have not met your deductible, they will bill you for the full cost of care at the end of the visits. This can be a nasty surprise to people if they did not know that was coming.

Insurance coverage varies, please look up what your insurance covers.

Insurance usually does not cover the newer technologies. Practices that deal directly with insurance that use the newer technologies such as class IV laser, offer this as an additional cash pay service.

Not accepting insurance means I can take the time to give you exactly what you need to make a COMPLETE and SPEEDY recovery.

I’m not going to put you on an arm bike or make you do random exercises in a corner while I try to manage 3 other patients. I am not going to hand you off to an aide.

I don’t have to wait for preauthorization from your insurance company. And I don’t have to listen to some case monitor who doesn’t know their shoulder from sciatica tell us what we can, and can’t do with you.

The number one reason highly motivated people prefer coming to Physical Therapy Studio, for a course of treatment is the difference in the value they receive (quicker result, complete recovery, one-on-one attention, less trips to the clinic, etc.)

I am passionate about what I do- I became a PT to help people, I honed my skills, and keep actively learning!

I do this to provide the best of healing to my clients!

I am proud of what I do!

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