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Spectrum News Reports on ANF Therapy

Updated: May 10, 2020

Aired in May 2019 on Spectrum News

Innovative Physical Therapy Uses Frequencies to Reduce Pain By Ariel Wesler Studio City PUBLISHED 3:00 PM ET Apr. 29, 2019

STUDIO CITY, Calif. -- Jessie Plotkin regularly makes the trek from Orange County to Studio City for physical therapy. She’s suffered with chronic pelvic pain for the last three and a half years. "I’ve had to stop working. My whole world turned into running from doctor to doctor, therapy to therapy," she said. "The first time Jessie came to see me, almost all the nerves were lit up," said Physical Therapist Caren Lieberman, who runs Physical Therapy Studio out of her home. She uses what’s called Amino Neurofrequency Therapy or ANF. She says the body is full of frequencies that are disrupted when there’s pain or inflammation. "All we’re doing is giving the body resources to help itself heal," she said. After checking for major areas of pain, Lieberman carefully places tiny discs, like stickers, on various parts of Plotkin's body. Each disc has its own purpose and frequency, activated by heat in the body.   "When our body has learned the frequencies, inflammation comes down, pain comes down," she said. This holistic approach was invented in Europe by Dr. Michael Hoff and is slowly catching on in the U.S., where it’s FDA approved.  Lieberman says she’s one of three people practicing it in Los Angeles.  "Pretty much, within the first visit we can get a reduction in pain of about 50 percent," Lieberman said. Full relief can take up to four months. Before the therapy, Plotkin says her pain level was typically an 8. "My best day, it was down to a 2 and that was for a couple hours," she said. "Just the fact that I can bring the pain down a little bit with these is really cool." Lieberman says patients need to stay well hydrated and can occasionally experience detox symptoms. "I had some chills within minutes after [Caren] first put them on me," Plotkin said. She was skeptical at first, but figured she had nothing to lose. "I’ve had multiple nerve blocks, two surgeries, and nothing has really helped me get out of that pain," Plotkin said. It continues to surprise Lieberman, who's only been using the procedure for the last few years and says she's seen some remarkable results. "For people that can’t take pain meds or that don’t want to take pain meds, or use chemicals," Lieberman said. "It’s a simple thing." A simple but unusual procedure patients say is improving their lives. "I think if you’re just open minded, you’d be amazed with what these can do," Plotkin said. For more information on ANF, click here.

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