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Welcome to Physical Therapy Studio!


Thank you for entrusting your health with me. I wanted to share a few things with you, for you to know what to expect during your course of treatment.

  • Come dressed appropriately to expose problem area wearing loose fitting stretchy clothes if possible. Dress in workout clothes so PT can work with you comfortably. Expect to ex, learn specific home program best suited to address your identified needs and correct any muscle imbalances or limitations limitations 

  • Direct contact by your Physical therapist's  hands on bare skin where appropriate 

  • 1:1 up to an hr appointment with your Physical therapist

  • Tools to help you meet your goals

  • Timeliness

  • Education re your body/condition

  • Homework in the form of exercises for strengthening and/or positions for active relaxation, stretching, self care techniques

  • Resources

  • Print out of each rx 

  • Printout of diagnosis, codes and billing

  • Access to patient fusion- your electronic medical or Health record 

  • Follow up to your Physical Therapist if any questions/ concerns prior to next visit

  • Private studio

  • Safe environment 

  • To be informed and understand how to get to your goals, expected time frame and number of visits expected. 

  • Return to sport or activity of your choice

1st visit-evaluation/consultation from Physical Therapy perspective 

  • History of this problem and PMH(past medical history)

  • Problems you are having now

  • Palpation 

  • Biomechanics of movement, Posture evaluation

  • Functional outcome test

  • Muscle testing- determines muscle imbalances or strength deficits

  • Balance testing and/or assessment of gait(Walking)

  • Assessment of findings

  • Goal setting 

  • Care plan

  • Treatment for condition

  • Home exercise program(HEP) initiated

Subsequent Visits may include:

  • Review of HEP(Home exercise program)

  • Review of goals

  • I can now.......

  • I still can't.......

  • Manual rx which may include:

Amino Neurofrequency(ANF), trigger point releases, mobilization, manual traction, astym, myoskeletal alignment techniques, STM,NAT. 


  • Ex for strengthening with correct form 

  • Stretches

  • Active relaxation

  • Breathing for relaxation and/or breathing for exercise

  • Modalities as needed such as ice or Electrical stimulation

  • Corrective kinesiotape taping

  • In clinic specific ther ex and or adding to HEP.

Course of Rx-

  • Problems and goals identified

  • Correct PT treatment technique done in correct order and timeframe to rectify identified deficits interfering with your goals. 

  • Progress towards and meeting goals. 

  • Self management techniques and tools. 

  • Recommendation for continued community based ex

Caren Lieberman PT

Physical Therapy Studio

818 535-8661

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